Here are a few words of praise:
"Sabrina has stayed at our home twice to watch our two dogs.  She's done a wonderful job both times.  Beforehand, she sat with us and asked us lots of questions about the dogs so that she would know all their quirks and preferences.  She works at our vet's office, so we knew that she was good around pets and would be ready if any medical problem arose.  She just adores our dogs so much.  I wouldn't be surprised if she takes better care of our dogs than we do!"
-Jim and Mike, Burlington VT

"Sabrina has stayed with our cats Lance and Al several times. It is so nice to go away on vacation and feel 100% comfortable that you are leaving your pets with someone who will give them the highest level of care and one-on-one attation. And, with Sabrina, you know they are with someone who can handle any medical situation that comes up. Even Al, the shy cat, loves Sabrina!"

-Jill, Hinesburg VT

"Attention to detail and reliablitly are two reasons why I trust Sabrina with my animals...It is such a great feeling knowing that I can go away and not worry about what is going on at home with all my animals...When my dog became old and had a lot of special needs, it became difficult for me to travel until I found Sabrina. She has the skill to administer medications and care for high needs animals. I can travel with peace of mind again."

-Christine, Hinesburg VT

Having a dog with separation anxiety isn't always the easiest thing especially when it comes to travel. Finding Sabrina's Petsitting alleviated all our concerns! Not only are we happy to go away, Sugar is more excited than us when we drop her off. No more stress chewing of feet, licking of belly, or kennel cough when we return. Highly recommended to everyone!

-Lauren, Monkton VT